• How can I send you traffic?

    First of all, you need to create a campaign, than you have to send traffic to your campaign link. You don’t need any additional settings.

  • What domain is better to choose?

    It doesn’t matter what domain you’ll choose, because the domain doesn’t affect on offers in rotation.

  • Do you have any common statistics on your platform?

    Yes, we have. You can view an average eCPM on our platform in Opportunities. You can filter the statistics by country, traffic type, connection type,device and OS.

  • What is eCPM?

    eCPM  – unit of measure on our platform, the amount of funds for 1000 hits.

  • I can’t find the country I’m interested in, does it mean you don’t accept it?

    We accept all countries and all types of traffic, if the country isn’t displayed in our Opportunity list it only means that there are not enough data for displaying.

  • What offers does Dating vertical include?

    This vertical accepts all traffic types, offers in this vertical are dating. You will be paid for user’s registrations. Mobile traffic has mostly SOI offers (which means that the user only needs to enter his e-mail and that's it - no verification required). Web traffic has 50% SOI  and 50% DOI (which means that the user needs to verify his e-mail after he signs up). Also on TIER 3 geos there can be PPS offers in rotation for the better performance, thus you will be paid for every sale.

  • Dating subverticals

    While choosing the Dating vertical, you have an additional option with a list of subverticals, for the best performance.

    Adult jumps is a classic adult smartlink, in rotation are adult prelend + adult offer.

    Mainstream jumps - prelend with the first light page + adult offer. This combination is great for approving Push traffic campaigns. It means the user does not see nude photos immediately, so such subvertical can be tested on popunder/redirect traffic for example.

    Social traffic - subvertical with the most effective funnels for Social traffic sources. If you work with Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and other, please choose this subvertical for higher profit.

  • What offers does Mainstream vertical include?

    The Mainstream includes different lottery-offers, e.g. win an iPhone/Samsung/PS or different vouchers, etc. Paid actions are different and depends on offer, it could be soi/doi registration or CC submit. The most suitable traffic for this vertical is common mainstream. As for sources it can be FB target, push notifications and others.

    This vertical will be available for you, only after approval. For approval please send the request and provide your manager with your traffic sources.

  • What offers does Gay dating vertical include?

    This vertical includes offers for gays, it's adult vertical. You will be paid by user's registrations SOI/DOI. It accepts all traffic types and covers all geos. Please take a note that we don't accept traffic from  manhunt.net.

  • What offers does Cams vertical include?

    This vertical accepts all traffic types. Offers in this vertical are adult live video chats. You will be paid for user’s registrations SOI (which means that the users only needs to enter their e-mail and that's it - no verification required).

    This vertical will be available for you, only after approval. For approval please send the request and provide your manager with your traffic sources.

  • What traffic do you accept?

    We accept any type of traffic from all countries, except our forbidden sources which you can check in the next article.

  • Do you have any forbidden traffic sources?

    The next traffic sources are strongly forbidden at our platform:

    • email and sms traffic, by sms traffic we mean messages that you send to mobile phone numbers;
    • incent and fraudulent traffic;
    • traffic that includes zoo creatives, creatives with minors theme and any mentions of celebrities;
    • on Gay dating vertical we don't accept traffic from the manhunt.net;
    • traffic from chaturbate.com is forbidden on all verticals.

    If we find any kind of forbidden traffic on your account, we reserve the right to make a penalty charge and to block your account.

  • Do you buy/sell traffic?

    No, we don’t, we monetize it via our smartlinks or direct offers on CPA basis.

  • How do you control traffic quality?

    We control traffic quality by anti-fraudulent system, which has fraudulent and proxy filter and by advertiser’s feedbacks.

  • Do you pay for clicks or for action?

    We pay only for action (registration, subscription). The unit of measure for user is eCPM (the amount of funds received for 1000 hits).

  • How can I find out the lead price?

    We can’t name the specific price for one lead, because payouts are dynamic, as offers always are in split-test and every offer has different amounts of payout. In result of split-test offers are chosen by the productivity. Therefore payouts can differ from one day to another.

  • What is the registration price?

    The price for each registration you can find in the smartlinks conversions tab. In the smartlinks statistics we don’t display income separately for each registration, but we display EPM, EPC, EPU (the income for 1000 hits, every click and every unique).

  • What is my user level, can you increase me payouts?

    We don’t have any levels and ratings in our system. Only advertisers can increase payouts if they want you increase your traffic volumes, because of it quality.

  • For what countries are the highest payouts?

    The highest payouts are for the Nordic countries, English speaking countries and European countries.

  • Where can I view offers from my smartlink?

    We don’t display offers that your smartlink rotates, because we’re the monetization platform and distribute your traffic on our own.

    If you want to run direct offers you need to go to the CPA marketplace tab where you can find a huge amount of offers for different verticals.

  • Which offers will you give me?

    We can’t name you offers, because at first our system need to determine country, traffic type and other parameters and only then it’ll choose the most effective pre-landers and offers for your traffic. So today it could be one offers and tomorrow others.